Funky Furniture For Your Home Only!

Sometimes, you are in the mood to do some innovative choices just to differ yourselves and feel special! Well, this post is written for you. Some furniture designers have been thinking of you and have created some special and funky furniture that are going to attract the glances of your guests. You can take ideas for dining tables, sofas and other furniture where you can use to decorate your house.

This innovative and first generating sofa is a furniture set by Molo and it is made from kraft paper. Its 50% recycled honeycomb design is as flexible as you cannot imagine. When you have a lot of visitors you can very easily drag it and you will have the size of your sofa that you desire whereas when you are not using it you can close it and store it on a shelf or you can use it only as a stool.

If you look for some words to describe this furniture, these would be “comfortable, funky and excellent”. The designer, Roberta Rammê, has thought innovative enough to create this functionary and useful Wave Chaise which fully corresponds to the daily technological demands. You can have everything you need (books, CDs, flat-screen television and desk) in a small distance. Rammê says, “This concept is inspired by the values and personality of a today’s teenager and the standards generated by a global hi-tech culture of facilities, where the access to technology is cheap and easy.”

Are you fan of Pac-Man video games? Well, the Italian company Qayot, has created the perfect furniture for you! The Poufman living room set will become your favorite place to sit if you put them together or even if you separate them.

You don’t need any other kind of plant if you have this blooming flower dining table set in your home! It is an elegant composition created by Fatih Can Sariöz. The green color and the chairs that open and close like petals, bring closer the image of a flower. Open it when you are going to use it and keep it close if you want so.

A special dinner needs also a special dining table! This “Kure” first generating furniture by Fatih Can Sariöz it is designed like a flower that opens up and transforms into a dining table with six comfortable chairs and a light source in the center. When it is close looks like a sphere and it can be located in any corner of your house. Minimalistic and attractive this furniture could decorate masterly your home!

These contemporary and classic motives are designed by Stanislav Katz and look like they came from another time of year. Both furniture is going against the common shapes that you are used to see in a house. The drawer chest has 6 single narrow drawers for small pieces storage whereas the 3 double drawers are for bigger items. The unique baroque style sofa will be a masterpiece in each place that is going to be located. It offers a relaxing seat while you can have your favorite books by your side.

Are you not going to feel very special by decorating your home with this funky furniture?


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