A house in Mediterranean style!

I suppose that all of you have heard, even once, about the Mediterranean nutrition and the Mediterranean style. The current article has nothing to do with food. It has to do with the architecture and the Mediterranean style of a luxury house in Ibiza. Homes like Blanco de Ibiza intrigue our imagination and our senses just like the islands and the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. This house has been recently renovated and decorated by the architect Malales Martinez Canut who imprinted greatly the interior and the exterior decoration of the Mediterranean houses.

The absolute white color meets the green of the nature with the blue of the sky as a background. The view is awesome as if the sea bows down in front of the house in such a small distance where you can hear the sound of the waves and smell the maritime breeze.

The exterior of the house is enclosed from big trees and only a small stone wall separate the house from the nature. The decorator likes to combine different nature sources like wood with stone and you can see that from the kiosk that is placed under the bower and it is decorated with a wooden table, brought from Bali. The pool comes to complete the luxurious exterior design and it is the place where you can enjoy, without limits, the sunny beauty of the Mediterranean country.

Entering the house, the dominant colors of the living room, are the brown and the white. The white porcelain floor is covered with a brown carpet whereas the brown sofa and the wooden chair with the white leather tatting, hug the discreet fireplace. The generous windows let the unobstructed view get inside and allow the sun to light the house. Sometimes in the Mediterranean houses the new coexist with the old just like the new style dining chairs that are well combined with the wooden sculptures. Authentic architectural details, earthy colors and traditional furniture are just enough to give in house the sense that nothing has changed for hundreds of years.

The bedrooms that are placed upstairs are also decorated in Mediterranean style with the white color and the old wood to be prevailed. The bed is made from trunk of tree brought from Bali and it is well wrought to make this curve for the headboard. The enormous windows are dressed with white curtains and they let the fresh air and the green of the nature get inside.

The bathroom could not differ from the rest of the house. So the white color is also wedding with the brown old look of the wood and the beige of the marble emerge the luxury of the house.

The simple lines and the Mediterranean style are the main features of this Blanco de Ibiza house and these are just enough for the owners to enjoy their life in this “paradise”.

photos: amazingezone

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