Decoration From Steel!

Entering 2013 I would like to present you a different way to decorate your home. Escape from the common wall pictures and other decorative elements. This steel collection by Frank Plant is a first generation wall (and not only) decoration. Frank Plant is a Barcelona based American sculptor and he studied sculpture at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “My work is about physical and social observations” he says. “I’ve been imbued with a sense of social awareness and hence choose to deal with these issues, as I see them, sometimes in my work”. His way of thinking makes him differentiate himself from the everyday creators. It is amazing how he can manufacture the steel as if welded steel has always been the principal medium for Plant’s work.

Right here, right now
A day after day phrase on your wall!
Way of writing
Any place, any time
Write on a piece of wall

How easy can you write a few words with a pen on a piece of paper? With the same easement that Plant can write them on the wall but using the steel instead of a pen. “Right here, right now” and “any place, any time” are some phrases that are used day after day. Why not to decorate also our wall with them?

on line

Perspective is a technique that artists use to make distant objects appear smaller. This creation shows us that not only drawers but also sculptors can use the perspective to represent the sense of depth.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
A tractor in your house!
The detail makes the difference!

How many times have you seen a tractor as a principal décor on a wall? I suppose none! This creation of Plant looks so real that can make you even hear the machine of the tractor. Close your eyes, imagine the nature and smell the dirt!

“Something for everyone”

A Kalashnikov is not something that you meet in every living room! Even if it is a bit cutthroat, can be also very attractive. There is no way to not observe such a decorative element in a common house.

A pair of “Converse” shoes
The detail of authenticity!

A pair of shoes can be anywhere in the house, even on the wall. This “converse” pair of shoes has nothing to envy from the original one. The details of the authenticity are shown with precision and conscientiousness. Nobody can dispute the time that the sculptor has spent until its completion.


This formidable handgun is there to attract the glances and to steal the show!

These innovative items can cause our admiration and our astonishment! Don’t you think so?


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