Enjoy Imaginary Vacations in a Luxury Hotel!

The New Year is coming! It is time to leave the bad moments and the bad memories back for the old year and to welcome the New Year with pleasure. What a better way to do that than to pass The First Day of The Year in a luxury hotel. Good company, a glass of champagne and a cozy ambience is all that you need for a brand First Day of the Year. Today I am glad to present you some of the most luxury hotels in the world so that you can choose the most appropriate for you.

“Dorchester Hotel” in London


The Dorchester Hotel in London is located in upscale Mayfair close to Hyde Park. From the first glance and entering in the hotel you will come face to face with a pleasant feeling. The stunning pillared Promenade is there to see in you. You are going to incline yourself towards to what you will meet in the interior of the rooms, from the green and the gold color, like as the leather horseshoe-shaped bar. Casting aside this room and walking further to explore the hotel you will be stunned from the elegance and the beauty of the rest spaces. The pastel hues and the extraordinary decoration will relieve you from your tedious trip. The suites of the hotel, with the dreamy views of Hyde Park promise you the greatest vacations. The famous place “La Promenade” is the place where you can enjoy the Afternoon Tea with the delicious French pastries as trimming. In Dorchester hotel you can also enjoy the Spa with various body and facial treatments. Relax and celebrate the coming of the New Year in one of the most luxury and unique hotel in London.

“Armani Hotel” at Dubai –Burj Khalifa

Who wouldn’t like to pass even three days in Dubai? I would really love it! One of the most expensive hotels in Dubai is called “Armani Hotel” and it is located in the tallest tower of Dubai –Burj Khalifa. The minimal lines of the elegant furniture are well combined with the dark gray and the beige hues. The walls have taken the round shape of the tower and are covered in custom-created fabrics and hand made leather from Florence. The floors, which are covered with Japanese Tatami and wood, complete aesthetically the attractive decoration of the hotel. “Armani Hotel”, which is situated in the proud-standing tower, provides to the clients all the facilities that befit to a luxury hotel. The dining area, except from the cozy ambience, can also offer an amazing view of the town of Dubai.

“Kempinski Resort” at Seychelles



Have you ever imagined that when most of the people are sitting in front of their fireplace to heat themselves, you could be in Seychelles for vacation? Seychelles is the place where you can have summer holidays even at winter time. One of the best hotels in Seychelles is Kempinski Resort and it is a place where you enjoy the sea and the nature through a tranquil and exotic environment. Visiting this magical place you will discover that the experiences never finish. The fully-equipped suites and rooms are decorated with modern amenities and provide a unique relaxing and private ambience.

Four Season Resort Chiang Mai Hotel in Thailand



The 5 stars Four Season Resort Chiang Mai Hotel is located in Thailand. The hotel’s decoration is finest, with vaulted ceilings and covered verandas. The –full equipped- luxury villas are something more than a private home and suitable decorated so that can host a whole family. The grave style that is prevailing in the rooms, clash with the gentle natural beauty of the place. You can spend your time by a numerous of facilities like Thai cooking, shopping, golf, tennis, business service, leisure activities and fitness facilities. The design and the décor of the place, with the private pools and the private tents, refer to a heavenly quiet world.

The Upper House Hotel in Hong Kong




If you decide to spend your Christmas Holidays in Hong Kong there is no better place than the Upper House Hotel. The Upper House Hotel is a 5 star oasis, located only 9.8km from the center of Hong Kong that provides to the client the tranquillity and the calmness that look for. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary amenities and the facilities of the hotel can satisfy the most demanding person. The decoration of the rooms is modern and artistic. Each of the rooms offers to the guest a dreamy view of the town, from the large wall-to-wall windows.

Oberoi Resort in Mauritius


The Oberoi Lombok


Mauritius is a small dreamy island close to Africa where you can discover big pleasures. One of these pleasures is the Oberoi Resort. In Oberoi you can find luxury villas and pavilions to pass some great moments. The rooms of this resort provide all the amenities that people can imagine. The marble and the wood are combined harmoniously with light colors and give to the room a cozy and romantic ambience. The sense of the nature by your side will offer you uncountable moments of enjoyment. The exotic design and the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean of the villas, is going to transport you in a magic world. The location is ideal and the décor of the resort is attractive. Relaxing in such a place does not sound a great idea?

The Four Season Resort at Kuda Hurra of Maldives





Maldives! Who haven’t dreamed to be there even for one day? Well I definitely do! It is a fairytale place. The tranquillity and the peace that discerns it make this location a very famous and an attractive destination for who wants to pass a few days away from the daily routine and the noisy towns. The Four Season Resort at Kuda Hurra is there and promises you memorable moments. The interior of the bungalows is decorated in modern and simple lines whereas the exterior design refers you to something unexcited. The wall-to-wall windows allow to the generous sun to get into the rooms and light them all the day. The magic of the ocean and the white sand offers to any person the experience of the exploration that has no end.

Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney in Australia




Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney of Australia is one of the most luxurious hotels. The luxury of the hotel can be seen from the reception room. The finest decoration and the color hues that are chosen to adorn the entrance of the hotel, predisposes you for what you are going to meet in the interior of the rooms. The rooms are decorated in modern style and this causes you a feeling of freshness and rebirth. The large windows offer to the guests a relaxing and an endless view of the town.

 Make your holidays an unforgettable experience! Escape from the common celebrations and relax in the spa of the resorts. Visit one of the top-decorated and luxury hotels and welcome the New Year with all the amenities that deserves you in a pleasant and festive environment. I think that we all deserve that, don’t we?


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