6 Tips For A New Kitchen!

Are you bored of the same pictures in your home every day? It is time to make some changes in your house. And you can start from your kitchen. There are some small secrets that will achieve a big change.

1)Change the knobs.

Did you know that changing the knobs of your kitchen, it’s like you have a new one, easily and with a low cost? Well, that’s true. The knob is an accessory for the kitchen that can change its style at once. No matter if your kitchen has a minimal, futuristic or traditional style you have several choices of knobs to buy and to change its common image! If you have wooden handles you don’t have to change them. Just paint them and you will have new knobs as well.

2)Paint the walls.

In case that your kitchen is not covered 100% by tiles, you can change the color of the uncovered walls and you will see the renewal immediately. The smallest wall space that your kitchen has the less money you will spend. Dare to use colors that, until now, you haven’t even thought. Intense or light colors on the walls can always make the difference. Now, in case that you have a big wall surface do the opposite and put some tiles instead of painting it.

3)Buy new accessories.

The decoration of the kitchen doesn’t have to do only with the color and the knobs but also with other accessories. If you have a big counter, buy a new platter for your fruits or even a new breadbasket. A big but empty counter may offer you enough space for work but sometimes, the shortage of some necessary decorative elements is what is missing. Buy two wonderful vases for the coffee and the sugar, fill them and decorate your counter. There are also big vases, to keep your biscuits fresh, which can give to your kitchen a better aesthetic.

4)Don’t do it too much.

There is the opposite side of this! Some kitchens have small counter but with so many accessories on them. If you belong to this kind of kitchen’s owner, don’t fill your counter’s surface with useless things. Papers, pens, cookery books, cups, and other small items can have their own space. Better give them a drawer or a cupboard and free your counter. You will see the difference!

5)Add small shelves.

If your kitchen has a big stand surface, add some small shelves. This will offer to your kitchen not only different style but also more space to put the small vases of your spices. The best place to put them is the right and the left side of your hood. You can choose between metal or wooden shelves. This depends on the style of your kitchen. If your kitchen is in modern style prefer to put metal shelves whereas if it is in traditional style, prefer the some wood with your cupboards.

6)Put a diving counter.

Do you find your generous kitchen wintry? There is a solution to change even that by replacing your table with a diving counter. A diving counter provides you more storage and using it also as a table will make it more chic. You can accommodate your diving counter according to your squares and take care to leave enough space for your free movements.

It is good to make changes in our life, in our look but also in our home. Implement one or more of the above tips and be sure that you will change not only the style of your kitchen but also your mood!


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