7 Smart Ideas For Offices

Do you really need a place to accommodate your computer and to work pleasant? Do you need tranquility to be concentrated on your writing? Then probably you need also to have your own private space. These proposals will give you some ideas for your office.

Up and Down!

There is no better office than the one you can enshrine when you need the space for your visitors. This is a funny, flexible, personal and professional space. If you need a personal place, you have it. If you need an office, you can have it also. What is happening when you don’t need it? Well, the wheels will help you to remove it for as long as you prefer. This mobile Cube is created by Spaceflavor and the concept is: build up, not out.

Take me with you!

Who said that when you leave a house, you can fit only your clothes in a suitcase? This office is designed by world renowned furniture designer, Timothy Oulton. The feature of this one is that you can fold it and take it with you, at your next location. It has an old fashion but a first generation design and that make it special.

The Desk of the Future!

A new generation of office is born here. If you are bored of sitting in your uncomfortable office chair in front of your PC monitor, the Emperor 200 is coming to overturn your, until now, daily routine. This revolutionary self-contained office space by MWE Lab, offers PC monitors, climate-controlled leather and reclined seat, a 5 sound system and fresh air with the built-in HEPA filters. It is time to go one step further, don’t you think so?

A Tiny Table for Two!

This office is closer to what we are used until today but it still remains an elegant and functional office. It can accommodate two persons, keeping everything in order and by your side. A tiny but large office that needs no more than a small edge of your room so that to be hosted.

A Personal Elevator!

This is a mobile elevator-office. You can very easily transform your sitting room to your office only by moving your desk on the upwardly mobile platform. This new innovation gives you the possibility to have a long-vertical storage space and to move up and down with your private elevator. It is an adaptable and spacious office that offers a multi-level room in your home.

Get Inspired Through a Whiteboard

This is not only an office solution but also a kid’s room decor. Transforming a free wall surface to a whiteboard can give you big inspiration while you work. Keep your notes and write down your thoughts on an erasable canvas. It is a nice idea for any kind of room because erasing whatever is on the board and hanging there a picture you can have your previous wall back.

Office in the Garden

In case that you cannot find anymore, the tranquillity and the privacy in your home, move! Take your office and go to the garden for more productive work. This luxurious office offers you, not only the isolation that you look for your job, but also the best environment. The light, the power ventilation, the heating and the cooling are some of the amenities of this office. Keep working in a fresh and cozy ambience.

source: inc.com

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