Future’s office furniture

We are used to see common desks and chairs! We use, all the time, the same lines and the same design. The technology and the future are in front of us and we need to be developed. Start the development of your office and be more creative this new year. Today I will present you some of the future furniture that is going to inspire you.

Defne Float Desk

The designer Defne Koz is the creator of this first generation desk and its simple line has nothing to do with our everyday common desks. This desk is composed of a large flat surface for working and by some drawers on the one side to keep everything in order.

Folditure Cricket

You could call this desk clever. This desk is designed by Alexander Gendell and it is not only clever but also practice. It looks like the famous board game “scrable” that had the same folding table. Its frame is made from metal whereas the surface is made from artsy. You can save space as if any time you can bold it and like this become 78 inches thick.

Steelcase Living on Video

This is a new innovation that is created by Steelcase and is used for a private work. It is clear that in future time, all the companies will keep the contact with their clients and their employees from distance, by chatting through the computer. Considering this theory, this technology will help you to speak and to hold a video conference without disturbing the people around you.

BUNDSHOP Desk and Chair

This office desk and chair is designed by Zhoujie Zhang and it is made of hand-folded steel. The style of this desk is extremely modern and futuristic. Available in BUNDSHOP.com

Heckler Design OneLessDesk

This type of desk –designed by Heckler- is a way to escape from the normal tenses of the desks. Even if it is very simple designed its dimensions make it comfort and functionality for every use. The red color and the two level surfaces attract the people who love minimal lines.

Foscarini Tua Table Lamp

Would you like to try a modern and impressive lamp by Foscarini Tua. It is suitable to decorate any kind of desk for any kind of work. This modern designed lamp is enough to light softly any space.

source: inc.com

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