“Living large in a Tiny home!”

Most of us, are used to live in homes between 70-150 square meters. Some others, are used to live in bigger homes between 150-250 squares. Some others also, are used to leave in mansions. Have you ever imagined yourself living in a home with less than 30 square meters? This kind of decision means that you have to do some big lifestyle changes. You have to be thrifty. Living in a tiny home, force you to keep only the things that you need and you don’t get carried away to buy things that you will never going to use. Some of the advantages of living in a tiny home, are its cleaning and its maintenance. If you live in a big home you have absolutely more rooms to clean and you need plenty of time to set it in order, so you miss a bit from your personal time. Also when you decide to paint it or to redecorate it you have to spend some money and the bigger your house is the more money you spend. So in any case something you loose and something you earn!

The family Berzins lived in a home of 150 squares meters and now they enjoy their new life in a 168 square foot tiny apartment. According to Hari Berzins, freedom is coming also in tiny living and she loves that. “We live larger on our 3 acre hillside,” she said. “We have more time to enjoy each other, tend to our large garden and cultivate a supportive community.” Read more.

This is a 500 square foot cob cottage that is built in 2008 with less than 1000 dollars. It is a 100% natural home, made of clay and mica while the floor is an earthen floor. As the owner says: “It is possible to live large in a small space as long as the design flows with your life.” “The advantages of living in such a small space, are that the cleanup is fast and easy. There’s a smaller maintenance costs over the life of the home.” This is the first home that he built and as he said when he will have the cash he is going to put a new, greener roof on and a 2nd floor! Read more.

Trailerchic lives in a trailer more than one year and it was her decision. After six months of living in her pink trailer, she realized how much she loved this place and decided to make it her home. When she tells people that she lives in a trailer they react very strange but when they see its interior they change their mind and they are more positive to this. As she says, living in a trailer has simplified her life. According to Trailerchic being single and living in a trailer was one of her best decisions. Read more.

Zboatman used to live on his 30ft sailboat in Olympia on Puget and because of his job he had to relocate to Portland. He didn’t want to move his boat, so he had to find another solution. While he was researching he came across to the Tiny House Movement and he was intrigued. He started to collect photos and making plans and in 2010 he decided to buy a trailer to build his own tiny house. Read more.

Jamie Dehner lives in a home of 200 square feet in Point Roberts, in Washington. “It puts us back in touch with our fundamental desires, which is to build, to create, and to have shelter,” she says. “There’s a wonderful coziness about it. You are all tucked in with the things you need and use the most.” Read more.

Living in a tiny home means that you have to sacrifice some of your luxuries and your comforts. But this kind of life becomes also a habit and a way of living. You learn to live large and simple in only a few squares. You have the time to discover different facets of yourself but most of all you learn to have only what you NEED! Would you like also to live in a tiny home?


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