“10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home Building!”

Building your own house is a dream that comes true. It is a station of our life. It is and it will remain your sweat for ever. So you have to do your best just to make it perfect.

There is an adage that says:

Your first home that you build sell it….!

The second one rent it….!

Stay in the third one….!

If you think better of this saying you will determine that it is not completely wrong.

How many times you have said: “this I wouldn’t have done it” or “I must have done it” but it is something that you can not change anymore and you just get used to it. There are a lot of times that we regret for some mistakes that we have done in our home regarding architectural or decorative mistakes. You learn from your mistakes and you try not to repeat them. But do you have the economic ability to build another house? If not, try to avoid some things from the beginning and to limit your mistakes. Here are some mistakes that you have to avoid before you start building your very new home.

photo by freeimage

1)      Don’t hire the first contractor that you will meet. First of all you have to do a big research to find the right contractor for you. The contractor may exonerate you from a lot of architectural mistakes as if he has bigger experience than you. By this way you save time and money. Moreover he will be the first one that will get into your house and you have to make him clear your demands as if you are the one that pays!

2)      Ask for a 3d visualization image of your future home. Make sure that the architectural office, which has undertaken your house building, will save you of future changes by showing you the final result of your house in 3d visualization design. By having an image of your house before its completion can prevent a lot of aesthetical mistakes. That helps you also to realize how your home will be at the end and you will still have the time to make changes.

3)      Do not avoid permits. Try to be as legal as you can otherwise there is a possibility to pay a big fine in case that something goes wrong. So pay the logical price for the permits and nothing more.

4)      Think about what you need this house for. Before you start building think very well about your necessities for the present but also for the future. For example if the children and the family, in general, are in your future plans then include them in your house plan and be generous in the squares as you can do so. If you plan a single life then keep your money in your pockets and ensconce yourself in a small house.

5)      Personal work. You may be crafty but this is not the best moment to improve yourself. You are going to spend enough money to build your house so don’t risk to save some by working yourself because if you are not a professional contractor you may run into a future problems that could not be solved. So if you are in the mood to offer personal work keep it for later.

6)      Don’t scrimp in fundamentals. Cheep materials are for now, expensive materials are for ever. It is not wrong when they say that you take what you pay. Inexpensive materials are inexpensive because they use poor quality ingredients or base materials. Cheap materials will save you money at the beginning but you will pay double money for their maintenance later. You have a lot of price-options so that to find the best for your pocket. Discuss further with your contractor about the materials and ask him if he was going to use the potential material for his house too. All you need is to ensure that your house is going to be built with lasting stability.

7)      Make the right economical budget. You may have made a lot of dreams about this house and how it will look like! But you may not be in the right economical position to make it real right now. So you have two choices: a) leave it for later or b) try to build a house close to the one you have dreamed. If you start building a house that is not corresponded to your budget the most probable is that you are going to be lost and caged in a mistake.

8)      Don’t be in a hurry because haste makes waste. All good things come to those who wait. So take your time, make the best plan and the best research about everything includes your house and the result is going to do credit to you.

9)      Learn from the mistakes of the others. Don’t be afraid to take a second opinion. Someone who has already built a house is the most appropriate to give you advices. Maybe he/she has made some mistakes that you could avoid by asking him/her. Information about contractors, materials, timing, steps and economical budget may seem very useful to you.

10)  Don’t get stressed out. Think that this is something that you wait for so long. Building your new house must be the most exciting moment in your whole life. So live each part of its contraction, supervise the process and take photos of each stage of it as a memory. After the passing of time you will look these photos and you are going to think that you hadn’t to be so stressed.

photo by freeimage


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