“Decorate your Christmas table”

                             Christmas is almost here!

I suppose that you already have decorated your Christmas tree, your living room is ready to welcome this celebration, your front door is calling “Marry Christmas”, your fireplace is full of garlands and your windows are shining from the colorful tiny lights!

What about your dining table? Did you make any plan for its decoration?

Your house is almost decorated, everything is settled in its position, and the smell, from the preparations of the sweets, has drowned the street. So you are finally ready for the Thanksgiving Days.

Not only your living room but also your dining room needs to be decorated as if it is going to host a lot of plates full of delicious food, deserts and also a lot of glasses full of good quality of wine.
An attractive dinner is not leaned only on the delicious menu and the strong wine but also for the decoration of the table.

For these dreamy days, each part of your home must be dressed in festive style and colorful ambience.

The decoration of your dinning table must be composed of big sanitary napkins, a platter with pressed flowers or a glass vase with natural flowers, pinecones, balls and candles. If you are going to use intense color for your table’s adornment prefer to cover the table with a white tablecloth whereas silver or gold adornments match better in a red or green tablecloth. Small Christmas trees, wreaths and glass vases full of candy canes could also be part of the table decoration and make it more attractive for children too.

Your dining table has to have the same color hues according to the rest home decoration.

For example if you have chosen red and gold colors, which are the most common, for your general decoration (living room, Christmas tree, front door, fireplace) you have to put also red color sanitary napkins, gold or red candles and the appropriate flowers. In addition if you are not fun of the traditional colors and you prefer pink, purple or other hues you have to combine also the dinner table with them.

Whatever you choose, I am sure that is going to amaze your visitors and make them to revel the dinner.

You could take some ideas about the decoration of your Christmas table from the pictures below:

The wishes and the **cheers** that are going to drown your home that night, will make you to feel proud of the dinner that you have organized, with such a reverence.
Christmas is a family celebration and not only so take good care of your table decoration and enjoy Thanksgiving Days with your family and your friends. Let me know about your table decoration and your dinner configuration.

                                         “Marry Christmas”!!!


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