“Christmas ideas for your fireplace!”

Get in the spirit of Christmas decorating your fireplace!

The fireplace even now is the focal point of a room. Fireplaces are also used for the relaxing ambiance that they create. That’s why increasingly people pay big attention for its decoration. No matter if there is fire in it or not the fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere itself.

Christmas days because of the winter season that it is placed, call for warmness and family congregations and all this can be offered by the fireplace. All the family can be accommodated around the fireplace discussing, eating, playing and opening their Christmas presents. The nights, the fire of the fireplace, can light all the room and in combining with some candles around it but also the lights from the Christmas tree you can create a romantic and warm feeling in your house.

The fireplace is an attractive element in any home and in Christmas days there are a lot of decorating ideas to make it more attractive. You can hang big wreaths above and in the middle of the fireplace mantel but also garlands with lights all around it. The hanging socks in front of the fireplace are an indelible custom for a lot of years and this is because Santa Claus is going to come from the chimney to leave the presents in the socks, for the children.

I wish I had a fireplace in my home, not only for the warm ambience but also for the Christmas socks!

Candles are very beautiful. And they become more beautiful when these are part of the decoration of the fireplace. Put candles in the middle and in the corners of the fireplace and if you are not going to ignite it put also big candles in the firebox and light them. The result will astonish you!

Your fireplace is going to “steal” a lot of glances this year so take good care of it and celebrate Christmas with your family surrounding it!

Whatever Christmas decorating style you choose for your fireplace make sure that there is no danger in case that you decide to fire it, especially when you choose long decoration garlands or hanging socks and Christmas lights around it.

Dress your fireplace as its worth for this macical celebration and have great Thanksgiving Days!

photo sources by freshome, roomzaar, modresdes and styleestate

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