“Decorate your front door for Christmas”

In a few weeks you are going to welcome Thanksgiving Days and the New Year. What are you going to do for this? Of course you are going to decorate your home. What’s more pleasant welcome than a perfect wreath on the front door!

The front door is the first thing that our guests face when they come to visit us. So don’t pay attention only to the interior but also for the exterior Christmas decoration. If you have a garden or even a small yard there are a lot of ways to make them attractive by adding lights on the trees and garlands on the rails. In a lot of neighborhoods people compete each other for the most shiny house so this year try to make your home more attractive than anyone else!

There is no “too much” for these festive days. Do whatever you like and it will never be “too much”. For your front door prefer an aesthetically pleasing wreath that is going to incline your visitors for what they are going to face inside your home. A Christmas wreath symbolizes the celebration and the birth of Jesus and you can decorate not only the front door but also your fireplace and your tables including a candle in the middle of it.

Make your house brighter and shinier for the spirit of Christmas and celebrate these magic days as much as you can.

Light up your home so that your soul to be lighted also!

Get a glimpse of the photos below to take some ideas for your front door but also for your exterior decoration.

At this point I would like to add a few words about the meaning of the Christmas wreath because it has an important place in the history of Christmas. In the ancient period, wreaths were handmade by people and they symbolized the pride and the victory. People used to make handmade wreaths using evergreen twigs, branches and flowers. Essentially the tradition of hanging a wreath during Christmas is a Catholic ritual. Since its origin, the Christmas wreath has gone through a multitude of changes, but has retained its significance.

In nowadays the decoration used for the wreath used to be nuts, seedpods, pinecones that were considered to be symbols of resurrection and permanence of life. Although Christmas wreath has now become more of a decorative wreath, the significance and importance of the wreath remain undeterred and shall remain so until the eternity.

So let’s keep this tradition and decorate your front door as deserving for these bright holidays.

You can find more information about the history and the origin of the Christmas wreath here.
sources by stylisheve and marthastewart


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