Child’s room coloring!

You have all ready made a plan about how your child’s room will look like. What about the coloring combination of the room?

Before you start painting the child’s room walls you have to know that the color influence a lot the psychology of your children.

Very intense colors cause funk to a child whereas light and sensitive colors create a calm atmosphere and help the child to concentrate.

In case that the preferences of your child tend to be the intense colors you can paint one of the walls with this color or to make a combination of different shades of this. Another solution is to paint the walls with a light color and use other decorative items and clothes with more intense shades.

Here are some ideas that worth your attention before you tie up with your child’s room painting.

This is an ideal color painting in girl’s child room. Pink is the most favorite color for the girls. Light pink is always a nice solution for their room.

Nice decorative paint for both girl’s and boy’s room. This is a clever and creative idea for the decoration of the wall in combine with shelves.

A perfect young lady’s room! Light colors and romantic style that brings the nature in the room, creating an atmosphere of freshness.

Blue, use to be the favorite color of the boy’s room color painting!

White color is the base of the wall painting and intense decorative design. The curtains and the clothes have the same hue with the wall’s decorative design!

Innovative and creative this blackboard that can very easily explore the imagination of a child and at the same time can form a part of the child’s room decor.

Light color for the wall painting in combining with intense color clothes!

Light blue and green is always a neutral suggestion for the child’s room painting.

A brilliant wall decoration for sweet baby’s room!

White color for the walls and intense color pictures and clothes always cause an attractive solution.

White furniture with intense color painting in the background!

Light green wall painting!

Light blue wall painting!

Gray color for the walls, white color of the furniture and intense colors of the decorative items!

The white color of the wall and the intense pink of the clothes is an attractive suggestion for the girls that love the dark pink color!

Orange is also an advisable color for neuter solutions and in the intense hue you can use it in the background of one wall!

I hope that you found my suggestions useful and interesting! If you would like you can share with me and with the audience your child’s color preferences and describe how is your child’s room painted!


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