Small Ideas for Small Homes!

Do you live in a big and spacious home? You are a lucky person! You probably have enough space to host all the members of your family and also enough free movements. But who says that people that live in a small house have no free movements?

Small houses can also be very spacious if you implement some clever ideas that will offer to your place more functionality and comfort.

It is amazing how easy you can fit your life in a small house if you just choose the right furniture for the right place. Here are some ideas from Freshome that is going to change your opinion about small houses.

White and red color are a perfect combination to emerge and also to give color in a small house.

Two level home always adds comfort and functionality to a place, and especially if the squares are limited.

Sometimes the walls are needless between the shared spaces. It is enough if you combine the colors and the furniture.

Enough space for a small flat. In this flat the white color and the big windows add more lighting and make the place look larger. The curtains are not used only to decorate the big window but also to separate the living room from the bedroom.

The necessary furniture is  just enough to give in a small house the space that needs.

Small details make the difference and some small but clever ideas make the house more cozy and comfortable.

A small but elegant flat has nothing to envy from a bigger one.

The stone is the basic feature of this small apartment and the combination of the nature and the synthetic style make the place more attractive.

All our activities can be based in a small apartment without the feeling of the shortage of the spaciousness. Reading, relaxing, socializing, cooking and eating can all combine in the same place.

One of the most clever ideas we have ever seen in a small house. Just visit the parent page to understand what I am saying.

Black and white are the best combination of big but also of small places. Also tall ceilings can be used as shelves and not only, in a limited flat.

Small but spacious this apartment combines the simplicity with the comfort. The white color and the big windows make the place more lighting and pleasant.

Who says that small apartments cannot be elegant at the same time. Here is an example to negate this though.

Black floor and white walls. Minimal lines and nice decorative items can always give a perfect result in a small home.

This tiny, colorful and clever flat show us how we can dart our imagination!

Nice idea to connect

An elegant place can be created even if it is customized in the attic of a building.

This small place of only 39 square meters can be more lighting and more spacious than one with 139 square meters. A place with an open view bedroom, living room and kitchen but also with six big windows are enough for a student to feel pleasant in there.


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