How to Decorate my Home?

How am I going to decorate my home?

What kind of dinner table shall I choose for my dinning room?

How many cupboards and drawers do I have to customize in my kitchen?

Shall I put two sofas or an angle one in my sitting room?

Do I have to buy also a desk for the child’s room?

I would like a romantic style in my bedroom.

What kind of tiles shall I choose for my bathroom?

These are some of the tens of the questions that we have to answer before we complete the decoration of our home! And in this blog I will try to answer, as much as I can to the most, if not to all, of your questions!

First of all you have to know that decoration is a personal matter. Each of us, put in his house his own “stoke of the brush” and it has to represent us hundred per cent. What is nice or not, what suits where, are opinions that differ from person to person. The opinions are objectives.

For instance, a painting that I find it excellent, somebody maybe will not even turn to look at it. So even if you decide to entrust to a decorator, the decoration of your house, it has to be done with your cooperation.

What earns somebody, which is going to a specialist, is to make a functioned home. The advices that an expert will give you, will seem very useful to you. Also the knowledges of the decorators, about the harmony and the combinations of the colors, will solve lots of problems like the paint of the walls, the colors of the curtains, the making of your sofas and so more. But always keep in your mind that all these will become with your cooperation!

In our days, with the help of the technology, decorators can show you in 3d visualization designs, how you place or your whole house will look like. So you can make any changes you want, about the color, the furnishing etc. before they go on decorate it.

Decorators are not specializing only in decoration of homes but also in professional places, hotels, offices etc. There are decorators for the interior and the exterior designs. A lot of people that they own of big gardens need some help about the kind and the position of the plants that they have to use.  So decorators, specializing in land decoration, are always willing to help you.

photo by rgbstock

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