Decorate Your Dinning Room!

The old times, as I remember from my parent’s home, dining room used to be the most -well preserved- room in a house. This room was added up to the most expensive furniture in the whole house and usually was locked and only in special or formal occasions the door was open.

But today this trend tends to change and the dining room become a part of the house visible from anyone. In most of the houses dining room is put next to the kitchen as a following part of it.

Dinning room was mostly composed by e dining table and six or eight dining chairs, (where the two of them, at the top of the table, were armed and the rest of them unarmed), as well as by other pieces of furniture. Also this trend is changing and the people try to customize their dining furniture according to their space.

Some people like the traditional style and they prefer heavy and classic pieces of furniture, whereas other people like more minimal lines, and they prefer the modern pieces of furniture.

Regardless the style that you prefer, dining room, like as the living room, are the places that need more comfort and functionalism. Also the spaciousness is another basic feature that the dining room has to have, as if, this tends to be the place that we often share with our friends. For this reason, take good care and study the place that is destined for the dining room until you decide where to put each piece of it.

Big tables, add something imperial to our place, in case that the squares of our home allow that. I would suggest you not to press a big table in a small place, just because you saw it in a gallery and liked it. The only thing that you will manage is to reduce the value of the table and of your space.

In case that that your space is limited, prefer a small dinner-table with a removable leaf so that to get bigger for the larger number of people present–considering of the situation- without taking up extra space when is not in use.

Also if the squares of your home are limited, think about putting the table of your dining room next to your kitchen, where you can use it as a daily table too.

Regarding the chairs of your dining room take care to be as comfortable as they can be –or else your visitors will not see the time to leave from there. In case that your place is limited you have to combine the comfort with the elegance for a better result. Now if you have enough space and your dining table is big you have to choose the appropriate chairs, so that they will show even more of your place.

Last thing that you have to pay attention is the position of your table lamb. The table lamb has to be centered and exactly above of the dining table where, compine with appropriate decorative elements and colors the result will do credit to you!

photos by free stock photo and rgbstock

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