Bedroom and sweet dreams!

Each bedroom, even if it is destined for a child or for an adult or even for older people, has to have a unique style.  The style of this room depends on the person that lives in there. The color of the walls, the furniture, the space and the decoration in general differs from person to person.

But to be more specific, let’s talk about the master bedroom.

The master bedroom, just like the child’s room for the children, is a very special place. It is the place that we live intensive moments, alone or with our partner. It is the place that we dream and we build our life. So give to your bedroom the style that expresses you or you and your partner. Do you prefer a romantic style or a wild one? Maybe you like the classic style instead of the modern, or maybe the opposite. Whatever! Just give to your bedroom the style that you like because there you will spend whole nights for the rest of your life.

Regardless the style, you have to pay attention to some things that will make you feel better!

First of all, lighting and fresh air, are very important. In our bedroom we spend about  6-9 hours. That means that the air of the room must be refreshed daily and for enough time. If you don’t like, enough, the light you can avoid it by choosing the appropriate cloth for your curtains, so that to block the sunlight to get in!

Another basic thing is to have enough space. You must have enough space to move but also enough storage room.

In bedrooms with plenty of squares a nice solution is to have your own cloakroom. This can help you to keep everything in order. The free hand is very important and makes you feel more comfortable and calm when you will be in there.

What about the color? This depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of style you want to give to your bedroom. If you are a romantic person try the hue of light purple or pink color. If you prefer something more traditional you have to choose an earthy hue like brown, beige or gray and if you are more extreme or exotic person, dare to use intensive colors like orange, green, blue or red.

The last thing that you have to pay close attention is the mattress. Your sleep, your body and your health depend on the mattress. It is worthwhile spending some more money to buy a good quality mattress, just not to feel sick anytime you wake up the morning.

And sweet dreams!


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